However, there are also other methods propagated by people which are very wrong. Right click on the service and select Properties.

Keep a steady eye on Task Manager and processor utilization. If you’re lucky, you will catch a program using up your processor as your computer freezes or it will freeze with Task Manager visible with the offending program in red. Remove or reinstall that program if there is one. After deleting all these keys, you can open the program again and check if the problem is solved. Overextended system resources are responsible for Windows 10 not responding. If you are running too many programs at the same time, they will compete for the limited system resources, which leads to one of the program freezes or not responds.

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This post shows how to fix the Windows 10 programs not opening issue. When all steps are finished, reboot your computer and check whether the error Windows 10 mail not app not working is fixed.

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